On the journey…

I am going to tell you a dream i had last night , i found myself wearing an army uniform and punished by runing hundreds of miles alone ..well i started the journey in the morning, it was sunny and beautifull and i ve seen lot of awsome scenes it wasn’t so bad and i had fun..near noon, i was still runing but the sky become full of clouds ,dark ones, and soon it started raining .it rained all the way until i arrived ,it took me the whole day runing to arrive and i was so tired like never before in my life even when i woke up i was tired …the journey can be sunny and beautifull and it can be rainy and freezing …no matter what we should continue till the end and when we reach the goal we will remember the journey and we will not be tired any more ..we will remember the joy of the ride


Getting knowledge is our purpose in life ,kmowledge of who we really are, what we can do and become.

The books are the nurriture of the mind wich is the greatest creature in the world , and that implies that learning is our purpose

Prayer answeing meditation

God does help those who help themselves..

Well in fact there is no special way of meditation to get your prayer answered..but in reality we can solve our problems throw 2 ways the first one is by conscious reasoning and the second one is by the power of intuition.

Right know i will talk about the power of intuition ,wich is in reality the voice of god wich can guide us to solve our problems .

You can grow your intuition by meditating deeply upon god until you feel calmness within and god want you to do this work and rely on him

Then you can ask god or rather say to him that you can’t solve your problems alone no matter what you think and do but you can solve it by putting it in his hands .

When your brain is calm and filled with love and faith after praying to god in mefitation ,you can see various solutions for your problems ,and because your mind is calm you can pick the perfect solution .follow taht solution and you will only meet success.

Solve all your problems throw meditation … Go within the self closing the door of senses and their involvment with the restless world and god will reveal to you all his wonders.